Aus-Steel Products are built stronger to last longer! We manufacture high quality Australian sheds, steel carports, steel garages, kit shed homes, industrial sheds, barns, speciality building sheds

Skillion and Gable Carports

For steel carports, carport garages & carport sheds, a car shed and metal carports.

Aus-Steel Design

The Aussie Steel Carport range of pre-fabricated buildings is the result of extensive research and development conducted by Aus-Steel design Engineers. These extensive new designs have been created with flexibility in mind, increasing the opportunity to accommodate almost any  requirement you may have for your building needs.

Aus-Steel Versatility

Whether Skillion Carport or Gable Roof Carport, an attached or free-standing structure, Aus-Steel versatility suits your needs.

We offer an extensive selection of:

  • Eeave heights
  • Clearspan widths and roof pitches
  • BHP'S full colour range is available to match your home
  • Optional powder coating of columns
  • Choice of footing connection (whether it is on piers or on a slab)

Aus-Steel Strength

The Aussie Carport range of buildings are constructed of:

  • All Australian BHP, galvanised steel frames, purlins, girts & high tensile sheeting
  • Using fully bolted unique
  • Design apex plates and knee plates
  • Promotes strength and durability
  • Conforming to all Australian wind codes including cyclonic regions.
  • Heavy Duty galvanised "C" Section Frame
  • Fully bracketed and bolted Frame
  • Skillion Spans up to 9m
  • Skillion Bays up to 9m
  • Gable Spans to a wide span of up to 24m
  • Gable Bays up to 6m